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Posted: July 17, 2015 in travel
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Here is my idea and views about udhampur city. Udhampur city is there in jammu and kashmir(state) after travel from jammu tawi station to Udhampur station its take 1hour and 30 mins by train And with bus 4 to 5 hour.

  • First picture of jammu station:


  • Udhampur station.


I have always travel from train only. Because I feel safe in train not in bus.

Here is some pictures which I have taken from my camera which is 8 megapixel only.

  • This is U- shape bridge very long while travelling from jammu station to udhampur station.


  • This is DMU(diesel) train There are 19 tunnel while traveling from jammu station to Udhampur station.


  • Some picture of beautiful Himalaya :