Water Level Controller using 8051 Microcontroller

In this system water sensing can be done by using a set of 4 switch which are placed at different levels in tank. DC supply probe is placed at the base of the tank.


Circuit Components:

At89c51 controller.

At89c51 programming board.

16*2 LCD.

5V Relay.

Bc547 (NPN) transistors – 1.

Resistors (10K) – 1.

Programming cable.

Connecting wires.


Water Level Controller using 8051 Circuit Design:


The main heart of this project is AT89C51 microcontroller. The water level probes are connected to the P3.0, P3.1, P3.2, and P3.3 through the switch and P3.4 is motor connecter.  Port P2 connected to the data pins of LCD and control pins RS, RW and EN of LCD are connected to the P1.0, P1.1, and P1.2 respectively.


Initially when tank is empty, LCD will display the message EMPTY and motor runs automatically. When water level reaches to quarter level, now LCD displays QUARTER and still motor runs. For further levels, LCD displays the messages HALF and ¾ FULL.


When tank is full, LCD displays FULL and motor automatically stops. Again motor runs when tank is empty.




sbit rs=P1^0;

sbit rw=P1^1;

sbit e=P1^2;

sbit quat=P3^0; // Quad water level

sbit half=P3^1; // half level of tank

sbit quat_3=P3^2; // three -fourth level of tank

sbit full=P3^3;   //full level of tank

sbit motor=P3^4;  //pin connected to motor


void delay(int k) //delay function


int i,j;





void write(int j)


rs=1;  //selecting rs pin to data mode

rw=0;  //selecting rw pin to write mode

P2=j;  //putting value on the pins

e=1;  //high pulse


e=0;       // low pulse




void cmd(int j)  //command function


P2=j;  //put the data on pins

rs=0;  //selecting rw pin to command mode

rw=0;  //selecting to write







void puts(char *a) // function to display string on LCD’


unsigned int p=0;





void lcd_init(void) // function to initialise the LCD




cmd(0x0c); //LCD turning on cmd


cmd(0x01); //clear lcd cmd

cmd(0x80); // starting point of LCD



void main()


lcd_init();             //LCD intialization

quat=half=quat_3=full=1; //configuring as input pins

quat=half=quat_3=full=0; //lowering input pins

motor = 0;



if(quat==0&&half==0&&quat_3==0&&full==0)   //when tank is empty


cmd(0x80);                      // to move the cursor to starting point of LCD

puts(“EMPTY   “);      // dispalys empty on lcd

motor=1;                                                                                                             // start motor


else if(quat==1&&half==0&&quat_3==0&&full==0)      // when tank is quater



puts(“QUATER   “);     // dispalys Quarter on lcd


else if(quat==1&&half==1&&quat_3==0&&full==0)      // when tank is half



puts(“HALF    “);      // dispalys half on lcd


else if(quat==1&&half==1&&quat_3==1&&full==0)      // when tank is three-fourth



puts(“3/4 FULL   “);     // dispalys 3/4 full on lcd


else if(quat==1&&half==1&&quat_3==1&&full==1)      // when tank is full



puts(“FULL    “);    // dispalys full on lcd

motor=0;            // to stop the motor








Circuit Diagram:



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