1)Which Committee recommended setting up RRBs? Narasimham Committee in 1975.

2)When was the first RRB set up? Prathama Grameen Bank on 2nd oct 1975.

3)What is the Ownership ratio of stakeholders in the RRBs? Central Govt-50%,State Govt-15%,Sponsor Bank-35%.

4)Who regulates RRBs? National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development(NABARD).

5)What is the total Number of RRBs as of Now? 56.

6)Which Indian States don’t have any RRBs as of now? Goa & Sikkim.

7)At Present how many states are having state level RRBs? 7(Seven).

8)The Regional Rural Banks(Amendmentbill 2014) increased authorised capital from Rs. 5 Crore to? Rs. 2,000Crore.

9)The first fully Computerised RRB in the Country? South Malabar Grameen Bank(Malappuramnear Kozhikode).

10)Minimum Capital to Risk Weighted Assets Ratio(CRAR) of RRBs which they have to maintain? 9%.

11)Presently how much Budget provision for recapitalization of RRBs?Rs.15 crore.

12)RRBs are Classified as which type of Banks? Commercial Banks.

13)The Combined Capital of the Centre,State Govt and Sponsor Banks will not come down below? 51%.

14)RRBs are formed by which act? RRB Act.1976.

15)Committee for Recapitalisation of Regional Rural Banks headed by? KC Chakrabarty


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