5 Ways to remain Healthy in Busy Working Schedule

In this world where people are busy with their offices and students with schedules , the cut throat competition and busy work schedules have let them skip their breakfasts, lunch or dinner and even all and let them be dependent on fast foods and other less  nutritious and unhygienic foods even                                                                   . stress walk

Having a hectic schedule has become the default way of life for many of us and especially for those working in metropolitan and highly industrialized cities. The stores of fast foods and their attractive advertisements and offers don’t even let us think twice before making a call ( or booking online )and placing an order to them happily .

Father of the Nation (India) Mr. M. K Gandhi says “It is health that is real wealth and not pieces of gold and silver. Thus we must feel that, it’s strange that in this busy schedule, we loose our health to gain wealth and again invest wealth to gain the health.

Thus the idea of “Healthy mind and healthy body” is somewhere kept aside while we go for giving preference to fast foods. We unknowingly keep calling the various diseases like obesity, blood pressure etc. as gift with such orders. You can’t believe that they not only hit us physically but mentally too.

My idea is not to make you fearsome with naming the various diseases, but to help you to get rid of this problem. But we can easily solve this problem with a little bit of planning and some preparation, you can maintain healthy eating, healthy, living, and regular exercise habits, despite your busy days. In fact, staying healthy might actually energize you and keep you cover your tasks without getting stress and fatigue.

Our Body Follows a biological clock and let our body feel hungry at a fixed daily schedule as we keep on fixing it over our hectic schedules . Thus all body problems are related with kind of food we take and water which we drink .

So how can we manage this in our busy work schedules? I have got some of the fantastic ideas to help you get solution over the same. It May feel you uneasy but a mere effort and repeat of week will drive you to follow your schedules happily and will surely hep you save time money and inches on your waist even .

1.Never skip your Breakfast: This may feel heard during your childhood days but I strongly agree with it, even now with these words. As due to busy morning hours, generally we skip our breakfast. As in you know that in summers we have long days and short nights , so to cover the long day it’s really healthy to have something fresh in our breakfast. If in too much hurry , carry it with you and finish it ASAP( as soon as possible ).

Having a healthy breakfast is too much important for sustaining energy levels and aiding in blood sugar management. Your Breakfast must be :

  • high in complex carbohydrates (oatmeal, cereals, fruits, vegetables)
  • high in fiber (whole grain cereals , some fibre containing fruits )
  • rich in protein (Milk (try soya milk if feel good and in your budget rest simple is also good), nuts, yogurt, eggs)

The best mix will be to have a glass of milk or try the eggs or even fruits . If you like milk you can try oatmeal. Avoid Oily food atleast in breakfast as in morning body needs fresh food to recharge the body and will surely show its result over your work .

  1. Manage proper intake of water : You make intake liquid in form of soft drink , lassi , tea/coffee and other beverages but there is no replacement to water. During summer and winter both our body needs proper intake of water and issue of dehydration occurs although in winter due to cold weather we are unable to feel it .
  2. Fitness Workout : Every engine needs greasing and maintenance. So our body alfoots atworkso acts as engine and we need to care its parts and manage it .It’s not mandatory to join a gym and workout there to have a healthy body . You can even manage with simple workout , what’s necessary is sweating out of body be it by running a definite distance or even have a 15-20 minutes proper walk in nearby park( Starting with slower speed and then increasing your speed accordingly ) . Those working in field have physical workouts but those packed in offices and working over laptops/desktops etc gets mental fatigue and even irritation after a definite time period. They should also try to have YOGA or Meditation or any other ways to keep their mind calm.
  3. Take proper sleep: working for long hours and especially in midnight , may lead to insomnia ( sleep disorder), making dark circles under the eye and many other such which may somehow let you look aged , feel irritated etc. So take proper sleep and DON’T COMPROMISE YOUR SLEEPING HOURS OR EVEN DON’T EXCHANGE IT WITH YOUR WORK HOURS.
  4. Stay Organized: Busy schedules may lead to pile up files on your desk of office going people, pending homework for students and work burden for housewives. Thus stay tuned in with your works , schedule them strategically . Take not only breakfast but also your lunch and dinner on time and not too late . Plan everything and try to have things in a disciplined manner.

This will surely somehow if not totally help you to manage your busy work schedules and turn those disliking your schedules to feel a change in. This is not only for others but surely you will also feel a change inside you . So don’t wait for the moment to start, lets begin now.

Wish you a healthy and successful life .


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